Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kroger P&G Mega Event STEAL!: Old Spice Body Wash

Wow. Just wow on how cheap you can get Old Spice stuff at Kroger right now.

Me smell fresh for long time!

So Old Spice Body Wash is part of the P&G Mega Event that started today. Above is a picture of them from the Kroger on North Highland (Foursquare mayor right here!). I swung by there on my way home from work today.

Well, the price sticker says it all. Buy 4, Save $4, and they're $2.49 a piece. Well, coupon clippers from this past weekend should have in their possession a $2 off Old Spice Body Wash coupon from the P&G insert. You know what that means....

Here's the Breakdown: Old Spice Body Wash (Kroger)
Regular Price = $4.37/each. Sale Price = $3.49. Sale Price - P&G Mega Event ($1) - P&G Coupon ($2) = $0.49/each when you buy 4! (Savings of over 88%!!)

You can buy 4 right now for less than HALF of what 1 normally costs!!

That's ridiculous savings right there!

This was by far the highlight of my Kroger trip. In later posts though, I'll tell you how I scored other absolutely ridiculous savings on Deodorant, Hand Soap, Toilet Paper, Dish Soap, and even MORE Bodywash!



  1. Oh snap Mike!! That's a better deal than when I paid a dollar for them! You beat me!!

  2. Lol Suzanne. I was all ready to head to Family Dollar today after work. Saw the Kroger Ad and figured I'd thought maybe I'll go in there first. When I saw $2.49 with Mega Event deal, I laughed (after I cried realizing I paid $1.75/each just a day before). Glad I held on to those coupons at least!